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Used Machinery
Tool and Cutter/Profile Grinders
Walter Power Grinder

1996 Walter Heliotronic 400 5 Axis Grinder

Very good condition, Includes mist extractor, centrifuge filter, fire suppression system.

Many tool holders and carts.  S/N 6388

Location: So. California

Price:  $20,000

Stehle Tool Grinder

Stehle S813G Tool/Router Bit Grinder

Excellent Condition,  Extra wheel holders and index plates

Has Rittal Top Therm Cabinet Chiller  ER40 RB Collet System

Location:  Midwest USA

Price:  $3500

Copimac Profile Grinder

Copimac 46-30-06 Profile Grinder

Like new, 460V

Location:  Midwest USA


KO Lee Tool and Cutter Grinder

KO Lee B709NFP5P Tool and Cutter Grinder

Excellent!  Digital Readout, Mag. Chuck, Spin Fixture

Lots of accessories and extras!

Location:  Midwest USA

Price:  $3850

Tigra 1000 Insert Grinder

Tigra 1000 Insert Grinder

Good condition, not a production facility

Location:  Western USA

Price:  $12000

Schneebeger Norma 75

2001 Scneeberger Norma 75

Used for grinding inserts, spirals, profile tools, etc.

Good condition, Includes all wheels, arbors, adapters, etc.

New A axis and other parts

Location:  Western USA

Price:  $23,000

Saturn HKSC600-HO

Saturn HKDC600-HO  Router Bit and Cutter Grinder

Stainless steel shroud  S/N 3799  Very Clean

Location:  Northern US

Price:  $3700 REDUCED!!!

 2005 Wening R168 Tool Grinder

Excellent Condition, Very Few Hours


Perfect for facing cutters and inserts


Location:  NW USA

Price:  $6000

Saturn HKS 600-RB25

2002 Saturn HKS 600-RB25 Router Bit Grinder on stand

Good condition  S/N 3843

Location:  Northern CA

Price:  $3200

Saturn FKS 450-INF Profile Grinder

2002 Saturn FKS 450-INF Profile Grinder

Good condition  S/N 1496

Location:  Northern CA

Price $4500

UTMA P20 Profile Grinder

UTMA P20  Like new

Location:  SE USA

Price:  $10,000

Moons TG-1 Tool and Cutter Grinder

Moons TG-1 Tool/Cutter Grinder

Good condition

Location:  SE USA

Price:  $2000

Weinig Rondomat 925

Rondomat 925  Good condition

Location:  Midwest USA

Price:  $700

Weinig 931

1984 Weinig 931 Profile Grinder

Good condition

Location:  PA, USA

Price:  $1000 REDUCED

Cinncinnati #2

Cinninnati #2

Very good condition  Includes work head

Location:  Florida

Price:  $2500

Weinig R934 Profile Grinder

1996 Weinig R934 Profile Grinder

Excellent Cond  S/N 772

Location:  SE USA

Price:  $12,000

Koval Tool and Cutter Grinder

Location:  SE USA

Price:  $1200

KO LEE Tool and Cutter Grinder

Location:  SE USA

Price:  $1200








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