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Used Machinery

Vollmer CHD270 with ND230 Loader!

2006 Vollmer CHD270 Top/Face with ND230 3 cart loader

Very good condition.  Many rebuilt or new parts.  Extra cart

Maintained by Vollmer  200 Bushings, 100 Plastic Spacers, etc.

Many more pics and info.

Location:  Midwest USA

Price:  $150,000 Complete

Kirchner LK400 Brazer

Kirschner LK400 Auto Saw Brazer

Very Good Condition  400mm Auto, 520mm Manual

Video Available

Location:  NE USA

Price:  $25,000

Petschauer FL1000 Side Grinder

1998 Petschauer FL1000 Single Side Grinder

Very Clean, In Operation

Location:  SW USA

Price:  $3500

Maximum AF800 Side Grinder

Maximum AF800 Manual Single Side Grinder

Location:  SW USA

Price:  $1500

Saw Polisher

Foley Saw Polisher

Great Condition  2 new motors

Location:  Central US

Price:  $1200

Unimax 750 Top/Face Grinders

2004 ABM Unimax 750 Top/Face Grinders  2 Available

Very Good Condition  Very Clean  Have videos

ATB and Shear face in 1 Pass  4"-30"

Location:  So. Cal.

Price:  $6500 each, $12,000 for both



REBUILT Akemat U3 Topper

Akemat U3 Topper Rebuilt

3 years since rebuild with very little use  S/N 1827

Location:  Eastern Canada

Price:  $35,000

Simonds 970 Saw Leveler

Simonds 970 Saw Leveler

Excellent Condition  Low Hours

Location:  NE USA

Price:  $10,000 REDUCED!!!