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Used Machinery
Vollmer FS 2A Side Grinder

2003 Vollmer FS 2A Dual Side Grinder

Very Good Condition  Workhorse machine for sm/med shop

Up to 600mm blades  Enclosed  Coolant  S/N 549

Location:  Midwest USA

Price:  $9500

Wright W150-MSM

Wright W150-MSM Manual Top/Face Grinder

Excellent Condition

Location:  Minnesota, USA

Price:  $8000

Akemat B4 Facer

1995 Akemat B4 Facer  Good condition

Location:  Western Canada

Price:  $10,000 USD

Akemat U4 Topper

1994 Akemat U4 Topper  Good Condition

Location:  Western Canada

Price:  $12,500 USD

Acme Saw Grinder

Acme Saw Grinder

Excellent Condition

Location:  Eastern Canada

Price:  $2000

Jeffer ASG-025

2017 Jeffer ASG-025 Top/Face

Excellent Condition, Up to 810mm

Only 574 Hours!


Location:  NE USA

Price:  $28,000

Akemat Hollow Face Attachment

Akemat Plug in Hollw Face Attachment

Excellent Condition

Location:  Western Canada

Price:  $5000

Wright DS-1 Dual Side Grinder

Wright DS-1 Dual SAide Grinder

Very Clean  S/N H0014

Location: Western Canada

Price:  $14,000 REDUCED!

Simonds 970 Saw Leveler

Simonds 970 Saw Leveler

Excellent Condition  Low Hours

Location:  NE USA

Price:  $10,000 REDUCED!!!